You’ve finally decided to buy a brand new Xbox and try your hand at current-gen gaming, but which one should you buy? The Xbox One X or the Xbox One S, as one costs twice as much as the others. So what’s the difference which one is for you, and do you need to get the more expensive one to play all the games that come out. If these are some of the questions troubling you and you’ve come to the right place. So let’s dive in to know which one is the best between Xbox One X VS Xbox One S.

Xbox One X VS Xbox One S

In this post, we would be comparing these two consoles by Xbox in terms of their design, hardware, gaming performance, price, and we would be giving our final verdict on which console to buy.

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Xbox One X vs Xbox One S – Design

In terms of design, Microsofts Xbox One X and Xbox One S are similar. In terms of volume, they are more or less identical. If you are upgrading from Xbox One S to Xbox One X, it’s going to sit exactly where your other one was and will exactly use the same cables as well. Design-wise we really like both of these games’ consoles because both of them are desirable units, but the Xbox One X seemed a little more appealing because of its rich black color.

If you dig a little more inward into the 2 game consoles, you will notice some differences. For instance, the Xbox One X has moved the USB 3.0 port on the front panel to the right-hand side. On the back, they have actually incorporated a little notch to find out the HDMI port easily, but unfortunately, you will only get one USB 3.0.


As Xbox One X is a Is little more powerful machine, it needs a better cooling solution, so on the top of the Xbox One S, there is a central fan that exhausts heat, which will not be found on the Xbox One X. But is actually replaced by a vapor chamber design which is a lot more efficient to keep the Xbox One X’s system cool.

Xbox One X vs Xbox One S – Hardware

If we consider hardware specs, the Xbox One S doesn’t do much to set itself apart from the original Xbox One, which is fine As the original sticks at nothing to laugh at. The Xbox One S has the same CPU and just a slightly better GPU. the biggest difference is in the game consoles’ storage space.

The Xbox One X looks like a completely new console on paper. The Xbox One S has an improved version of CPU that works at a higher frequency and a GPU that’s no less than four times as powerful as the originals, and that is what it takes to run the games in native 4K.


This control also ditches the outdated 8GB DDR4 RAM for 12GB of GDDR5 RAM and makes this new beefier console flex even harder. They replaced a 256-bit memory bus for a 383 bit one, giving the memory higher bandwidth.

Xbox One X vs Xbox One S: Performance

The specs look all good on paper, but we know better than to trust them as an estimate of actual performance so that we will be comparing the performance of Xbox One X and Xbox One S in full HD and Ultra HD resolution. In this section, we will be looking at both the consoles to determine which one has better performance.

Xbox One X: Performance

Xbox One X Performance

The Xbox One X was designed solely with 4K gaming in mind, and it accomplishes this goal brilliantly as the first control to run games in native 4K on playable frame rates. There is no way that AAA games will run at 4K resolution, and because this is such a demanding resolution, there are few titles that the Xbox One X can run at full 60fps. Instead, it usually takes to stable 30 frames per second. To get the most out of the Xbox One X, you will need an Ultra HD/ True 4k or 1080p TV to get the best 4k gaming experience.

Xbox One S: Performance

Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is the most straightforward of the two. It was designed to run games in HD and full HD, and it does not have the capabilities to run 4K games. The performance of these Xbox consoles will ultimately vary from game to game. The less demanding sports and fighting games, the console will generally have stable 60fps in 1080p. Still, the more demanding action games are Shooter will usually produce 30fps to maintain the frame rates stable.

Pricing Comparison

1. Xbox One X

The Xbox One X has a hefty price of $500, a bit expensive current-gen consoles. Although we should note that unlikely any other consoles, it also comes with a 4K Blu-Ray player And supports 4K Ultra HD, 4K HDR gaming. Which kind of seems pretty reasonable to us.

2. Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is priced at $250, which is 50% the Xbox One X. The reason behind this is that the Xbox One S does not provide 4K UHD blu-ray or 4k visuals. The Xbox One S stands on the opposite side of the high-end gaming consoles.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which games console should I buy, Xbox One s or Xbox One X?

We have started a very brief answer to this question in this post. But if you own a 4K TV, then defiantly go for Xbox One X because it has a Blu-Ray player, an output for 4K visuals, and a whole bunch of amazing experiences.


Does Xbox 360 controller work on Xbox One?

No, the Xbox 360 controller does not work with Xbox One. You will have to buy a new Xbox One controller.



In the end, which game consoles should you buy the Xbox One X for the Xbox One S. Well, it all depends on whether you have a 4k TV with Dolby Atmos or not. If yes, then you will get your money’s worth out of the Xbox One X for sure. But if you don’t have a 4k TV and don’t plan to get one, it just doesn’t seem worth it. If you increase the FPS of all games to stable 60FPS at 1080p, we could recommend it. But most of the time, the best you will be getting on a 1080p resolution a slightly better graphics.

Well, do let us know what do you think which one is the best. We would love to know your thoughts about it in the remark section below. If you found this post informing, then share it with your Xbox One Family so everyone can pick the best for them.

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