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The world of apps and smartphones have made it super easy for all of us to access almost everything at our fingertips. Be it buying gifts or booking tickets, ordering delicious meals, or virtually catching up with old friends- everything can be done through the availability of marvelous apps and smart devices.

One such huge advantage of these apps is that of booking cabs, cars, or taxis to travel from one place to the other. The ZoomZoom app serves as one such extremely useful platform for common people to book cabs to and from one place to the other at affordable rates at any time of the day. The Zoom car booking app is one of the most popular taxi services in Canada that offers an easy user interface on its app and allows you to commute at affordable prices. Let us look at some of the specialties of the app that can help you enjoy better, comfortable, and cost-effective rides.

Book your taxi now 

Why choose the ZoomZoom car booking app? 

  • Easy to use– The app gives importance to keeping its user interface simple and easy to access by all of its users. You can get started with the app’s services by simply downloading it and signing-in using your mail ID. It does not matter if you are new to the world of apps and online services. You will find simple and easy-to-understand instructions that will help you guide through the app.
  • Book a ride in just a few easy steps– Once you have signed in on the app, you are just a few steps away from fetching the best rides for the day. Go to the ‘Book a Ride’ section on the app and type in the location where you wish to go. You can even choose the location from the map that is displayed on the home screen thus making it easy for you to locate and see nearby locations.
  • Add locations to the favourites section–  This is to help you save time every time you set to book a cab to the frequently-visited locations. You can ease your job by saving a location by tapping on the ‘heart’ icon on the right-hand side of the search bar. This can be your office, home, or your friend’s address that you keep visiting every once in a while. If you are helping some elderly family members use this app, this feature will help them a lot. you can simply guide them to save the location and use it again the next time they wish to book a cab to that place.
  • Compare before booking a cab– Once you type in the location and choose the type of cab you wish to book for the ride, you can still head on to the option of comparing the prices of different cabs. This will help you get a fair idea of the kind of cab that will suit your budget the most. You can do this by clicking on the Rate Card section of the ZoomZoomcab booking app.
  • Immediate pick-up-With this app, you can be sure of an immediate pick-up from the location you have booked your cab. With the in-built GPS feature, it becomes easy for the drivers or the Zoomers to reach an accurate location in less time without any confusion.
  • Track your ride– After booking a cab on the ZoomZoomapp, you will be allowed to get the details of the cab driver and its location. Thus you can track your ride until it arrives at your location. You can further keep a check on whether the cab is going in the right direction or not by tracking it on the app.
  • Safe and comfortable ride– The Zoomcar booking app comes with useful features like GPS tracking, an in-built chat feature, emergency contacts, and a strong and active support team to help you avail of a safe and comfortable journey with the least possible troubles.
  • Pay using credit card or cash– You have the option to choose the payment method. You can either pay the ride fare in cash or by using your credit card.
  • Add emergency contacts– The app ensures that you travel and reach your destination with the maximum possible safety. Thus, it allows you to add up to three emergency contacts on it with whom you can share your ride details. This will allow you to keep people around you informed about your whereabouts, especially when you travel during odd hours of the day.

Wrapping it up 

The Zoomcar booking app gives you one of the most convenient platforms to book a cab with the utmost ease and at affordable prices without any delays. Start your journey today and invite your friends and family members to enjoy the exciting benefits of the app. Share your Zoom ride experience with them and let the best services reach the maximum number of people.